About us

Swiss Made has never been so accessible !

A multidisciplinary start-up

AZNA is a Lausanne-based start-up that supports companies in their projects, from design to commercialisation by bringing Swiss Made and sustainable technology to the market.

Benefitting from multidisciplinary competencies and group genius, AZNA is able to give total, high quality support to companies to realise their development goals.

AZNA's success is built on a team inspired by founding values ​​that promote horizontal knowledge sharing.


An innovation hub with a solid organisation, a high potential for growth and our attention focused on consumer needs.
A start-up, driven by strong human and sustainable values.


With a strong commitment to sustainability and developing a local market, we are dedicated to providing Swiss Made technology through our network of local partners and suppliers. By making resources rapidly and entirely available for ambitious projects, we continuously push the boundaries of what is possible and reassess the needs of our clients to ensure a result that meets their expectations.


AZNA was founded with the ambition to improve the future and offer its clients a total high quality experience based on innovative technologies.


AZNA its horizontal structure as an advantage in all decision making. Ensuring that each employee has a say and is included in the sharing of ideas, it is the group genius which makes this start-up stand out.

Our founding values



The deeply human character accompanying our development is linked to consideration about the social environment surrounding our start-up. We seek to be close and to act in the interest of each member in our chain of activity.


Recognise each member for what they do as well as for their potential within our structure. Justice, consideration and fairness are our common values.

Swiss perfectionism

In order to provide a high quality offer, we do as much as possible in-house and are committed to bringing together our resources in Switzerland, closest to us, in order to ensure reliability and efficiency. The means we use to implement our innovations relatively independently ensure their quality and sustainability.

Group genius

The desire to challenge each idea as much as possible, while including diverse and intrinsically motivated players, immediately led us to adopt a horizontal structure, simplifying and encouraging exchanges. This form of organisation is an integral part of AZNA 's culture, intended to create pure innovation.

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