Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Azna & Company Sàrl takes the protection of your privacy seriously. The following charter describes the confidentiality policy, that is to say the management of your personal data collected as part of our relationship, in particular through our website.

We would like to reassure you that your personal data is only processed in compliance with the applicable legal provisions. We limit the use of this data to what is strictly necessary and only for the purposes described in this statement. We preserve your personal data only for the purpose of efficiency, security and archiving, always within the limits of the law. We obviously guarantee the security of your data thanks to our IT system and a close relationship with our employees.

This statement is based on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, however the protection offered to private individuals by European provisions is broader. In addition, Switzerland draws heavily on these Regulations for the drafting of its own laws, LPD and OLPD.

2. Data Protection Information

Azna guarantees the correct implementation of data protection laws. We are also available to answer your questions, especially regarding our privacy policy. You can contact us through the contact page.

The management for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable provisions:

Azna & Company Sàrl

E-mail address: contact(at)

Telephone number: +41 79 902 08 40

3. Collection, processing and purpose of personal data

We collect and process personal data through our website, primarily as part of our sales, for promotional information and customer service purposes. The data is then kept for security, tracking and archiving purposes. In the event of an error or a dispute, we have the necessary information to contact you.

To the extent permitted by law, we retain the ability to obtain information from publicly available sources (e.g. debt collection register, land register, commercial register, media, Internet). In particular for large or long-term contracts as well as business-to-business collaborations.

The processing of your data is limited to the following:

-Market studies, opinion polls, internal marketing

-Establishment of the facts with a court in the event of legal disputes

-Control, optimization and analysis for an optimized operation of our website in service of loyal customers.

-Promotions and information concerning our offers and services, insofar as you have not objected to them.

-Maintaining the proper functioning of our services, in particular the IT infrastructure, of our website.

-Maintaining the efficiency of our after-sales service, in the event that you contact the service in question.

The legitimacy of the processing of your data is always based on your consent. Insofar as you have given us your consent for the processing of your data in a specific context (including participation in a competition or registration for our newsletters) we will process your information within the limits of what you have consented to.

In general, you give us your consent, implicit or explicit, when it is necessary for us to collect your data in order to provide you with a service, in particular when you visit our site, when you conclude a sale or when you create an account on our site. The information resulting from this consent is administered within the framework of the law and the objectives indicated above. The consent can be revoked at any time for future processing, however this has no influence on the data already processed.

4. Cookies

We currently use two cookie-emitting applications on our site which are described in more detail below. A cookie is a text file installed on a computer system through a web browser.

Cookies are very commonly used by websites and servers.

AZNA uses cookies in order to make the use of its site much more pleasant for visitors.

Cookies allow us to recognize users of our site. The purpose of this recognition is to facilitate the use of our site. The user of the site who uses cookies, for example, does not need to enter access data each time he accesses the site, because it is supported by the site, and the cookie is therefore stored on the user's computer system. Another example is the shopping cart cookie in our online store. The online store remembers the items that a customer has placed in the virtual shopping cart via a cookie. You can get information on how to manage cookies at

a) Google analytics

We use an application on this site called Google Analytics. This tool is a web analysis service that allows us to collect data on the behavior of web visitors.

The data includes, in particular, where a person comes from (the so-called referrer), the sub-pages visited or the frequency and duration of consultation of a sub-page. Web analysis is mainly used for the optimisation of a website.

The operator of the Google Analytics component is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA.

For web analysis through Google Analytics, the controller uses the application "_gat. "Anonymize". Thanks to this application, the IP address of the Internet connection of the data subject is shortened by Google and made anonymous when accessing our website from a member state of the European Union or from another state contracting party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

During this technical procedure, the company Google acquires knowledge of personal information, such as the IP address of the data subject and the other data mentioned above, which is used by Google, among others, to understand the origin of visitors and clicks, and then create commission settlements. These personal data are stored by Google in the United States of America. Google may be required to transmit this personal data collected through the technical procedure to third parties.

The data subject can prevent the installation of cookies by configuring their web browser. Cookies already installed and used by Google can be deleted through a web browser or other programs. In addition, the data subject has the option of objecting to the collection of data by Google Analytics relating to the use of our website. To do this, you must install an extension on the web browser from the following page:

For more for details on the privacy policy of Google Analytics, see the following page:

b) HubSpot

When you agree to use the HubSpot software, the software will set a cookie that will allow the software in question to identify you again on a subsequent visit.

In this case, for the installation of this cookie, your consent is requested by means of a banner on our site. You can normally use our site without the installation of the HubSpot cookie, however you will not be identified when you return.

If you want to delete the data collected by HubSpot, please contact us using the contact form cited in section 2. We will provide you with the option of deleting the HubSpot cookie as soon as possible.

For more details on HubSpot's privacy policy, see the site product-readiness. For details on general HubSpot usage, see

5. Data transmission to third parties

In principle, except in cases related to cookies, your data is not transmitted or sold to third parties. It is nevertheless possible, as part of a contract performance or our legal obligations, that it is passed on to third parties. Regarding the execution of contracts, as part of the deliveries of our products, your confidential information is transferred to our subcontractor, DHL. AZNA may, in addition, be obliged to transmit your information by legal provisions or administrative or judicial decisions.

If exceptionally the data must be transmitted to a country which does not benefit from sufficient legal protection (outside the EU), we guarantee you adequate protection with comprehensive confidentiality contracts. If the case arises, this paragraph will be more detailed and you can at any time request the guarantees provided for in the contracts in question.

6. Data retention period

We process your personal data in principle during the year following your transmission. Then we keep and protect your personal data for as long as you have an account on our website for archival purposes. In a sale executed without an account, the data is used for the time necessary to process the sale. They are then archived for the time necessary to ensure that in the event of a dispute, we can defend our legitimate interests.

7. Data security

We obviously take the security of your personal data to heart. We therefore take the necessary measures to guarantee this security. Notably, with the help of technical and organizational institutions, in particular, by the use of servers based in Switzerland, by the use of an anonymization program by encryption and other cybersecurity programs.

8. Obligation to transmit data

As part of our commercial exchanges, you are required to send us your personal data, in particular those which are essential for us to process your orders. You are not legally obliged to provide us with your data. However, in order to properly execute our contracts and meet our legal obligations, we ask you to provide this data beforehand when creating a sales relationship.

However, your consent for any processing of your data outside the framework of the sale, that is to say the specific contexts mentioned above (contest, newsletter, market study,…), is entirely optional.

9. Profile creation and automation

The personal data that you entrust to us are not used for "profiling" (ie use your data to establish a psychological profile that could be sold or used for marketing purposes), except during marketing studies. However, we guarantee that your data is never used as part of an automated decision-making process.

10. Rights of individuals

In principle, insofar as the provisions of the GDPR provide for it, you have certain rights, mainly the right to information, the right to rectification, erasure or limitation of the processing of your data. However, it should be taken into account that we reserve the right to apply any restrictions provided by law. The latter may allow us to process and store certain data when we have an overriding interest or a legal obligation. It is also important to draw your attention to the potential costs that may be associated with the exercise of your rights (revocation of the consent mentioned above or termination of the contract). If applicable, the costs will be announced to you in advance so that you can make an informed decision.

The exercise of such rights requires in principle that you justify your identity in a clear way (eg by means of a copy of your identity card if your identity is not clear or cannot be verified otherwise). To assert your rights, you can contact us using the contact forms mentioned in ch. 2.

Any data subject also has the possibility to assert their claims in court or to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority. The competent data protection authority in Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Transparency Officer http: // .