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The future of Swiss Made and sustainable technology

A multidisciplinary approach for the benefit of innovation.

AZNA is the solution for the creation and development of technological and innovative product projects by bringing a strong sustainable awareness in all of its services within its network in Swiss industry.

It is by relying on multidisciplinary skills and group genius that AZNA provides expertise and an effective and comprehensive analysis of any situation in order to have an in depth understanding of the real needs of each project.

Our team of over 30 dynamic and experienced people, passionate about innovation and high-tech, will support you in your project.

Whether you are a public organisation, an international company, a family business, an investor or even an individual, AZNA we are here to optimize your product projects and lead them to their commercial success.


Project management

AZNA supports companies in all stages of their projects: from feasibility, conceptual design, development, industrialisation, production to marketing; by providing local know-how centered on Swiss Made and sustainability.


Planning and Consulting



Analyses and feasibility

AZNA supports companies with a comprehensive approach to their projects to evaluate feasibility through in-depth market, financial and technical analyses. Our goal is not only to design / improve a product but also to ensure its success in the market so that the company's objectives are achieved.

Technical expertise


Industrial expertise

Financial projections


Conceptual design and development

Whether in industrial design with an emphasis on ergonomics and product elegance or on the ingenuity of technical functionality, AZNA designs and develops technological products intended for both industry and the general public.


3D Printing

Design and ergonomics

Innovation !


AZNA set up all the processes related to the industrialisation of any product up to zero series before any subsequent mass production.

Assembly process

Injection and moulding

Zero series

Operational mode



AZNA also accompanies any installation of line production and assembly. Extensive expertise is provided to support mass production and which technology to use.

Mass production

Assembly chains

Injection and moulding

Schedule management

Analysis and optimisation

IOT and electronic engineering

It is with a team of highly dedicated microelectronic and software engineers that AZNA innovates and develops tomorrow's electronic technologies!

Circuit board (PCB)

Low energy





Marketing expertise is provided from the first stage of any project. It is with the experience of nearly 3 years of marketing wireless headphones that AZNA brings its market and product evaluations both for prototyping and development analysis as well as in the post-production phases.

Market evaluation

Brand management


Prototype support

Business Plan


With its own internal legal department specialising in the domestic and international marketing of technological products, AZNA provides administrative and legal support for all phases of the project. Expertise is provided on strategies related to intellectual property protection, patent filing and any other legal aspect related to development and production.

Intellectual property protection

Legal analysis

Patent filing

Defence strategy

Administrative procedures

Business Development

It is with experience in the maintenance of a distribution network with more than 100 points of sale that AZNA supports the entire implementation of a distribution strategy adapted to the needs of the project. In-depth expertise is outlined in sales projections and product-related opportunities.

Distribution network

Delivery service

Marketing strategy

Industrial network

A horizontal structure favouring innovation

Living in a dynamic and ever-changing world, we know at AZNA that it is important to respond quickly to challenges and obstacles that may arise. With a horizontal structure, AZNA reacts rapidly by assigning the the project resources necessary to respond optimally to any challenge. Finally, it is our ability to adapt that has opened a path to success. Confronted with a problem, we gather the necessary tools to efficiently find the best solutions and we adapt our actions to perfect our positioning while respecting the needs of our clients.